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Little Pieces
Eastern philosophy has it all figured out. This materialistic formula for life that the Western World has created, it seems to leave so many in sorrow, even those who have everything. When I’m elderly, I would look out upon the world and know that my life is not one singularity but many pieces inhabiting those who I have touched. I couldn’t tell you if reincarnation is real, but we should all make it our goal if just in the abstract. For if we are truly to be made in God’s image, we should be not one but many things, things that twinkle in the sky long after we are gone and shine light upon the earth.
Dark Matter
We are surrounded by dark matter. We can feel it, taste it, smell it, hear it. We just can’t see it. It lurks on every street corner, in every conference room. On hot summer days, it writhes and swelters, demanding that its presence be felt, that objects in its midst become its vessels, that people cannot escape from its warm envelopment.
The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was not convincing the world he didn’t exist. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was choosing to exploit the weaknesses of our memory, to live in the dark corners of the human consciousness. We can feel him, taste him, smell him, hear him. We just can’t see him.

Musings on All Things (great and small)

Anchor 1
Every day I am baffled by these grand illusions people construct. They always set a precedent. A precedent for their behavior, for the behavior of others, a precedent for the how the world should be.
Then they wake up one morning, and they’re swimming around in the same goddamn fishbowl they’ve always been swimming in, wondering how all their aspirations seemed to have floated away.
The truth is their dreams disappeared when they decided to live by the code of someone else. They resent their parents for being so boring, but then they make the same damn mistakes.
You’re nothing but a cog in the system until you decide that you are truly going to internalize what your experiences mean to you, and only you.
I see so many while away their mental capacity that has so much potential on what is superficial and in front of them, what is told to them and not what they perceive for themselves.
Many in this world are unlucky. They may have the gifts of depth and introspectiveness but are deprived of the opportunity to make their presence felt in this world.
But I live with people who are blessed with opportunity. And yet their eyes are glazed over, entryways to a soul frigid and hollow, tortured by an intense loneliness, never to be satisfied.
I see food trickle into the fishbowl, but none see it as they swim around and around and around. Each passing turn sees the fish grow thinner, and a haze looms over the fish, ready to consume them.

Writing is a passion of mine so here are a few examples taken from my journals and school assignments:

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